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US Coast Survey

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Name  Type  Built  Start  End  Note
Bibb steamer 1845 1847   Bibb class
Walker steamer 1845 1852 1860 Walker class
Corwin steamer 1852     Corwin class
Hetzel steamer       Hetzel class
Vixen steamer       Vixen class
Fauntleroy brig 1852     Fauntleroy class
Agassiz schooner        
Arago schooner        
Bailey schooner        
Bancroft schooner        
Bowditch schooner        
Caswell schooner        
Crawford schooner        
Dana schooner        
Gerdes schooner        
GM Bache schooner        
Guthrie schooner        
Hassler schooner        
Howell Cobb schooner        
Humboldt schooner        
James Hall schooner        
John Y Mason schooner        
Joseph Henry schooner        
Marcy schooner        
Meredith schooner        
Peirce schooner        
Petrel schooner        
Torrey schooner        
Twilight schooner        
Varina schooner        
Fire Fly tender        


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