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Manchukuo Navy

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Manchurian nameJapanese nameTypeBuiltStartEndNote
Shun-tienJuntenmonitor19341934Shun-tien class
Yang-minYominmonitor19341934Shun-tien class
Chin-yenShinjinmonitor19341934Chin-yen class
Ping-pienTeihenmonitor19341934Chin-yen class
Li SuiRisuigunboat19031942
Ta-tungDaidogunboat19331933Ta-tung class
Li-minRimingunboat19331933Ta-tung class
Li ChiRiseiauxiliary gunboat19071942
Chiang-chingKoseiauxiliary gunboat19201942
Chiang-pienKoheiauxiliary gunboat19001942
Chiang-tungKotsuauxiliary gunboat19031942
En-minpatrol ship19331933
Pu-minpatrol ship19331933
Hui-minpatrol ship19331933
Chi-minWenminpatrol ship19341934
Yang-chunpatrol ship19391939Yang-chun class
Hsi-chunpatrol ship19391939Yang-chun class
Hsiao-chiangpatrol ship19391939Hsiao-chiang class
Chin-changpatrol ship19391939Hsiao-chiang class
Hsing-yapatrol ship19401940Hsing-ya class
Hsing-yenpatrol ship19401940Hsing-ya class
Wai-mingpatrol ship19401940Wai-ming class
Chen-mingpatrol ship19401940Wai-ming class
Hsing-yunpatrol ship
Ching-yunpatrol ship
Hai-yangpatrol ship
Hai-tienpatrol ship
unknownShiraumepatrol ship1935
unknownKozakurapatrol ship1935
Kuang-hsingtransport ship193219321934/35Kuang-hisng class
Kuang-antransport ship193219321934/35Kuang-hsing class
Kuan-shuntransport ship193219321934/35Kuang-hsing class
Kuang-ningtransport ship193019301934/35Kuang-ning class
Kuang-ch'intransport ship193019301934/35Kuang-ning class
Feng-shansurvey ship19411941


uncertain ships:





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