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Welcome to Oceania!


This page has been created to share information on some aspects of the universal maritime history. The major part will be dedicated on lists and description of sailing merchant ships mainly for the period 1500-1939. Some shipyards, ships constructed by them and some selected navies will be included as well. There is a possibility to expand on some steamers of 1800-1945 period.




I'd like to invite all enthusiast of maritime history both warships and merchant ships and shipyards as well to join the site and become contributors. There are some countries not included by me and some I have not much time to add data - if you are ready to help please let me know - entries could be added by collaborators - the only limitations are - entries in english and final entry according the following frame: http://oceania.pbworks.com/record




Statki spod Wawelu - page on ships operating on upper Vistula and around Breslau/Wrocław on Oder/Odra river.


WARSHIPS-website of Ron and Alexander van Maanen. Highly recommended for all fans of Dutch Shipping and not only!








Tomasz Walczyk contact



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cezary said

at 9:08 am on May 21, 2009

otrywistnyj / stepka 03,12,1949/ wod 25,008,1950/ gotowy 10,12,1950/ służba 20,01,1951/14,07,1961 rezerwa/ 07,02,1977 złomowany

cezary said

at 9:09 am on May 21, 2009

Zawod Nr 402, Mołotowsk, Siewierodwińsk

cezary said

at 9:26 am on May 21, 2009

otrażajuszczij/ 03,03,1950/01,10,1950/ ukończony 17,12,1950/służba/20,01,1951/20,04,1967 złomowany
stocznia Zawod Nr 402, Mołotowsk, Siewierodwińsk

Van Maanen said

at 7:13 pm on Jul 1, 2009

We would like to help you. Tell how I can add lists.

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