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DNS Piet Hein-1894

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Ship Name


Construction DataInfosSource
Shipyard (Yd No.)
Laid down


Technical data












yp „Evertsen” (189.-9.)

3464 tk, tp; 86,2×14,3×5,23 m; 2 MPV3, . k cyl., 4700 KM, 2 śr, 16 w; 289 tw, / ; 3×210/351×2,1×1, 2×150/35, 6×75, 8×37, 3 wt 4571d,2b (.); St: pb 150-100, pp 60, pag 150/240, paś 75, psd 240; z. 263.

EVERTSEN (../29.9.94/..; § 1913)

PIET HEIN (../16.8.94/..; §§ 1914)

KORTENAER (../27.10.94/..; 11.12 Stambuł; §§ 1920)

PIET HEIN On June 20, 1893 by the Dutch Steamboat Me teRotterdam put in the pipeline and on August 16, 1894 to be launched. Dimensions: 86.20x15.30x5.10 m tonnes of which 3400. 736IPK. 16.12 miles. 2 screws. Armament: 3 guns of 21 cm. 2 guns of 15 cm. 6 guns of 7.5 cm. 8 guns of 3.7 cm. 1 torpedo tube torpedo 2 cannons. The guns of 21 cm were disarmed by gun down boats. The number of guns in 1907 was 3.7 cm of 8-4 returned. Crew 260. Armor: belt 150-100 mm, 20 mm gun towers, command tower 240 mm, 50 mm deck Coal Salvage 330 tonnes. The cost of the ship in the first equipment into the sea amounted to f. 2810773. In service on January 3, 1896. On December 11, 1896 to Turkish waters left to repay Hr.Ms. frigate \"Wilhelm Johan Friso.\" From January 5 1897 to 29 March dav to Smyrna and then relieved by the Good Ship pantserdekschepen \"Wilhelina Queen of the Netherlands\" and \"Holland\" to a united division, which branch on October 9 dav departed to China for the protection of Dutch interests there. 25 Jan, 1901 from Shanghai to Batavia Left and then again on January 8, 1903 back to the Netherlands. March 14, 1903 from service in 1904 and new boilers and in Me \"Fijen Oord\" in Rotterdam undergone major repairs. On March 23, 1905 back in service. Hr. Ms. \"Piet Hein\" also made several trips to the exercisesAtlantic, Middelandse sea, Norwegian fjords and the Baltic Sea, where also on a travel Iceland wer visited. 16 February 1911 the ship was imposed at Willemsoord in service. On 22 April 1913 Hr became. M. " Piet Hein" put in service, now as an aim chip for destroyers. 3 September 1913 the ship for good went out service and in 1914, at Willemsoord from the sterkte afgeoveord, was disarmed and for sale ready was made.

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