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Bulgarian Landing Ships

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago


NameName in cyrillicBuiltStartEndNote
F128A19441944Marinefarhprahm A class
F176A19441944Marinefahrprahm A class
F405C19441944Marinefahrprahm A class
F575C219441944Marinefahrprahm B class
F571C2M19441944Marinefahrprahm B class
F581D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F582D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F900D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F902D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F903D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F904D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F905D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F906D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
F907D19441944Marinefahrprahm D class
60119501972/76BDB (D3) class
60219511972/76BDB (D3) class
20119531972/76BDB (D3) class
20219531972/76BDB (D3) class
20319531972/76BDB (D3) class
20419531972/76BDB (D3) class
20519531972/76BDB (D3) class
unknown195519551972/76BDB (D3) class
unknown195519551972/76BDB (D3) class
unknown195519551972/76BDB (D3) class
unknown 6011970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6021970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6031970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6041970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6051970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6061970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6071970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6081970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6091970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6101970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6111970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6121970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 6131970197.1995106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7011970197.1987106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7021970197.1987106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7031970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7041970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7051970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7061970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7071970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7081970197.1993106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7091970197.1993106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7101970197.1993106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7111970197.1993106K (Vydra) class
unknown 7121970197.1992106K (Vydra) class
unknown1970197.2001106K (Vydra) class
unknown1970197.2001106K (Vydra) class
Ivan Zagubianski


Иван Загубански


19651986771 (Polnocny B) class
Ivan Antonov


Иван Антонов


19651986771 (Polnocny B) class

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